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Welcome to the website www.bimmerbrochures.com

Here you will find a global overview of BMW brochures, young and old.
I try to keep this site up to date and will occasionally add new brochures.

If you have scans of special BMW brochures yourself, and you want to share them with me, to put them online, do not hesitate and contact me via the email address:  info@bimmerbrochures.com

JPEG JPG and PDF is welcome, if possible with year, number and country.

My name is Eddie and i live in the Netherlands. 

Many brochure pictures I found by searching the internet or received them from BMW friends*

I-am not a seller, not a buyer and not a collector! This is just a hobby.


   *Many of the rare and special brochures come from the collection of John Holtvluwer from the Netherlands.
He started this in 1979. There are even brochures that are not in the  BMW Group Classic collection.
He received the Friend of the Marque
 award in March 2023


*From BMW friend Dimitri de Vlieger from Belgium I received rare and special E30 brochure-scans.


*From BMW friend Paweł Brukszo from Poland I received rare and special brochures-scans

from South Africa and BMW Glas brochures.


* My special thanks also go to BMW Dealer Dubbelsteyn BV.
These people have provided me with many BMW brochures for years

I hope you have fun watching the brochures!